Trim Guide

Strut angle and tension

Our Dragons leave the yard with the strut set up to suit the most commonly used sails.
However sail shapes vary, so if in doubt ask us. Remember that even relatively minor alterations can make a big difference to how your sails set.

Mast foot position

Generally the mast should be positioned as it is set up originally at the yard. If the mast angle is changed on the forestay, the aft edge of the mast should just touch the mast hole aft, so as to maximise the fore triangle.


With the mast standing in the boat, hang the forestay down the front of the mast. Transfer the top of the black stripe to the forestay with tape or a felt tip pen and return the stay forward to it's normal position. The measurement from the deck to the new mark should be 119 cm.

Upper Shrouds

Use the holes positioned by the yard with the uppers fwd and the lowers aft. Tension the uppers to 30 on the "HS" tensionmeter and Check that the mast is straight. Ensure that both tumbuckles have been tightened to the same depth on their receptive scales at this stage. Make a control that the mast is centred in the mast hole. Now take equal turns on each side until the shrouds reach 38 on the tensionmeter (measured on the plastic).

Lower Shrouds

The lowers should be tensioned first to ensure that the mast is straight and thereafter to 25 on the tensionmeter.
After the first couple of trips out on the water the dyform stays can be expected to stretch a little, so the setup should be rechecked and adjusted where necessary.
Where the stays end up between two markers on the thumbuckles it may be an idea to write how many turns there were from the last mark on the underside of the deck ie 5+2 means 5 on the scale plus 2 turns.

Backstay tension

Adjust the backstay so that the tensionmeter registers 20 (40 on the forestay) when the fine tuner is fully on. Mark the stay with a piece of thread through the wire and the running rigging with a felt tip pen to show where the rig is fully powered up and then also mark the fine tuner at appropriate intervals so you can see at a glance how much tension you have when you have slackened off.

Please call if you have some quistions and good lock from BB Racing team

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