The most successful Soling - It is easy to say, but it is the fact. Great results like World Champion, European Champion, North American Champion and Olympic Gold and Silver during the last years, do not come by themselves.

Borresen Solings have since 2007 been manufactured in Argentina By BB ARG..


Hull, keel and rudder

The hull is built according to the lamination description, but a special made resin and a heat treatment means that the stiffness of the hull has been improved and the boat is less likely to twist. To provide for further hull stability and faster draining as well, the sides of the cockpit sole has been raised. 2 Bailers each side is standard. On the fore- and aft deck and the floor in cockpit, the anti-skid pattern has been changed, so there will be less water on the boat when sailing at the open sea. With a new fitting layout the deck is now 4 kg lighter and the fore- and aft room has become more watertight.

The Barney post has been optimised for match race. The main sheet and barber haul is now easy to handle in all conditions. There is now coarse adjustment for backstay on Barney post (endless fine-tune on side deck). The new jib halyard is without lock, so it is easy and quick to hoist and lower. The keel is covered with epoxy to obtain an extremely smooth surface and comes with a new hydro dynamic shape. The rudder is of course the fast "pink" model. It has maximum thickness at middle and front sections.


Standard boat

We provide the standard boat with rod rigging, special Soling turnbuckles for fast adjustment and a ARG mast.very close to ABBOTT mast.

Both upper and lower shrouds are adjustable fore- and aft (on side deck, between front- middleman) at slides and tracks.
Haulers/control lines are spectra or other types of quality ropes and they are all carried out to the deck in both sides. Between middle and helmsman the trim lines such as, jib track, cunningham, fine-tune backstay, hiking straps for helmsman, hoplets for middleman and main track, comes out under deck.

On side deck by front man the fine-tune jib halyard , jib up and down, fine-tune jib sheet and hiking strap front man comes out. Also quick release for spinnaker halyard and quick change of jib sheet position you will find here. Particularly we can mention that the spinnaker boom can be lifted and lowered while you are sitting out to windward.
The standard hiking system includes hiking straps for helmsman and hoplets for middleman adjustable from side deck. Front man hiking straps adj. from deck.

The spinnaker equipment comes with spectra sheets and with the new designed pull-out spinnaker basket in GRP which are bigger and more watertight. They are mounted with net.
The 2010 Racing model is mostly fitted with ball bearing blocks and cleats.






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