Børresen Club Racing Yngling

International Yngling designed by Jan Herman Linge

Standard Boat equipment

We provide the standard boat with a John mast including new mast foot with halyard trough deck. The haulers/control lines are spectra or other quality ropes. Helmsman has hiking strap, for the middle and front man hoplets are provided.
Trim lines for helmsman: Backstay, mainsheet and spinnaker barber haul. Middleman: Spinnaker barber haul and spinnaker sheets. Front man: Jib sheet, Cunningham, spinnaker halyard and kicking strap, jib halyard fine-tune, Pool up/down on the mast.

The spinnaker equipment comes with spectra sheets, and with the new designed pullout spinnaker bag fast draining net.
The Club Racing model is mostly fitted with HARKEN.

The BB Yngling is delivered with anchor, anchor line and a paddle.

Optimized hull

The hull is built according to the lamination description, but a special made resin and a heat treatment means that the stiffness of the hull has been improved and the boat is less likely to twist. For faster draining, 2 X-large bailers are standard as well as teak tiller and carbon extension.

Keel and rudder

The keel is covered with fibre glass and gelcoat which is moulded to obtain an extremely smooth surface and a symmetrical hydrodynamic shape. The position of the keel is a point of great importance and the BB Yngling is optimised at this crucial point according to the new class rules (2006). A new rudder profile has been made and optimised to the change of class rules with minimum thickness at aft edge.


We provide the standard boat with John mast or Proctor mast with halyards and trim lines trough deck. The Racing 2006 model is fitted with an adjustable mast step, which gives You totally freedom in moving the mast back and forth - whitin the margin of the class rules. We provide the standard boat with rigging with turnbuckles for fast adjustment (tool enclosed).

Børresen Bådebyggeri - Dampskibsvejen 10 - 7120 Vejle Øst - Tlf. +45 75 82 59 00 - E-Mail : bb@borresen.com

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