Grand Prix - Cold Moulded

The top class of the Dragons. That's the way to emphasize the Grand Prix but there is more behind these words. Before we launched the development of the boat, we had to figure out, what kind of Dragon you require in the next century. A boat without compromis - fast, functionel and beautiful.It has taken 1½ year to develop the new Borresen Dragon Grand Prix and we have really been concentrating on developing this ultimative Dragon.


Hull shape

With more than 60 years of experience building Dragons, we have of course wide knowledge of the Dragon. With all our experience, cooperation with some of the best Dragon sailors and with utilization of the tolerances in the rules, we have made a brand new hull shape. This shape is made to improve the speed on those areas where it is difficult to get speed in the boat - in heavy seas and light winds. Tests have already proved that there is less water resistance to the new underwater shape compared to the Dragons built so far. At the same time the speed going downwind has improved appreciably.


Method of building 

The hull is built cold moulded, veneers placed on a master plug, under vacuum pressure at high temperatures and glued together with Epoxy glue (specially developed for Borresen). This method of building gives you the stiffest hull possible within the international Dragon rules. At the same time we have been able to optimise the weight distribution in the boat. The hull is long boarded and faired for the highest finish possible and painted with a 2 component high gloss paint.

The deck is also made in wood with mahogany cabin top, covering board and cockpit coaming and with teak deck. This gives a very light, stiff and beautiful deck. Boats with wooden deck have always appeared to be fast because of a better stiffening compared to boats with fibreglass decks. The cockpit floor has been raised in two levels for better working positions. The cabin top has been designed in a new more aerodynamic shape. 



As to the fitting layout we have of course looked at our fibreglass model, which we normally keep up to date on optimising and which we think is functional. We have however improved some points and developed some new things on the Grand Prix Bridge below cabin top is new with the laminated shape, which make the boat beautiful and functional winch less sheeting system for genoa which has been tested previously in our fibreglass Dragons, does really make the Grand Prix look nice. Tracks- and cars is placed free and easy to handle.

  • New laminated seats for crew
  • New backstay-system

Standard Colors

Freeboard painted     White


Extra equipment

Vanish freeboard     
Bow fittings with fairlead instead of flat bow fittings    
2 Transom corner fittings    
Genoa winch and genoa fine-tune with leaver instead of winch less system for genoa sheets    
Fine-tune mainsheet    
Jumper triple    
Spinnaker pole on foredeck    
2 Teak Seats for Crew    
Groove with gold or paint    
Groove with gold tape    
Another bottom paint: BB Copper    
Cockpit cover, over boom with ends, Acryl    
Cockpit cover, over boom, Airtex    
Transport cover, to waterline Airtex    
Transport cover, overall Airtex    
Mast cover Airtex    
Mast crane    
Harbeck steel-trailer, with 2 alu-mast supports    
Harbeck alu-trailer, with 2 alu-mast supports    
Harbeck alu-trailer with shock absorbers, 1 box 3,65 m long, spare wheel and 2 mast supports    


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